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The best way to get a guest post article on your site, blog, or another blog is by submitting it to the relevant forums such as Reddit, Quora, Facebook groups, etc., where you can find other bloggers who want sharing their thoughts and experiences. In this article, I have talked about what an excellent content writer should do to succeed in getting a great guest post. And how to effectively start writing great content.

What is Guest Posting?

With social media marketing becoming more popular, the demand for high-quality articles has increased as well. An effective content writer will help generate long-term opportunities by producing valuable information, which readers can discover through various sources. When people visit websites or blog posts, they can easily find and share information with their friends or relatives on social media. Bloggers tend to attract many visitors with good content.

There are lots of ways for bloggers to make money. With these sources, you can earn a lot of money by simply having a large following. But making money from blogs requires a steady stream of traffic. This requires a quality blog and regular updates.

How does one become a successful blogger? Well, there’s a few steps that you can take before your blog becomes successful. Let me explain them in detail below.

  1. Create a clear niche (the reason why you started blogging; your main focus). For this, define a particular topic but keep adding something new, so it doesn’t look like you are just repeating a pattern. You need to understand that there are three kinds of blog topics.
  2. Make certain that you already know how to write amazing content. There’s no point creating contents if you already have basic knowledge of coding and web development. If you’re not sure, ask for help from professional writers. Even though they charge big rates for writing articles, you can always go back to the source. So don’t worry about paying in advance. If you’re struggling to come up with a perfect idea, look for any kind of help online. Your originality will save you a lot of time and energy later.
  3. Do research before starting anything. You should be able to present to the audience what you have to offer to the world. Research your ideas from different angles and see if the content is viable. How much of each point you present makes sense to the reader. Once you have an outline, start editing and tweaking until you find the correct format. Add as much information about yourself as possible. Be careful not to reveal too much details about how you came up with the idea and what drove you to start blogging. It might sound exciting but it won’t make sense to anyone.
  4. Write unique and appealing headlines. Use simple words but tell important stories and draw audiences’ attention, so you start building a strong base for future success. Don’t forget your keywords and don’t overdo it. Try doing free keyword research to see what a similar topic looks like; you’ll see what you need to add to your headline. Focus on the title to increase the chances of reading. Also remember your subheadline a title is written in bold for easier understanding. Start researching topics for the next issue, such as “How to choose the right mobile phone for your needs.” The first paragraph also contains a picture with text links to further resources and tips. These items are all very useful to link to when people read your story.
  5. Set some deadlines for yourself. As soon as the work is done, publish the final draft and send it out for review. You can use different platforms to submit to. Depending on your type of job, you can submit on WordPress, Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Medium.com, Reddit.com, Twitter or Instagram. Not only that, you can submit via any email address you have or a personal account. This is how most freelance marketers publish content on their sites. They either use RSS Feed or newsletter to distribute it among their followers. However, a lot of people also post on YouTube, Twitch, Tumblr, Reddit, and other social networks. Make sure your content is available on the mentioned sources. Not only will having these sources spread across the internet let your content reach more readers, but they can interact with your content as well.


You’ve now learned everything you needed to know regarding the importance of content creation. Now you can consider hiring professional writers instead of using shortcuts. Professionalism is definitely worth working for. Keep a keen eye on the market on how things change quickly so you don’t miss out on any opportunity. Good luck!

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